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Inky Ways is a Dubai based lifestyle brand focusing on art and interior decoration. It was founded in 2019 by Lebanese designer Lourdy Ghorayeb.


Inky Ways consults, designs, and produces unique bespoke art pieces and accessories for interior spaces by implementing the line art style to each piece. By sourcing its production in Dubai, Inky Ways captures the essence of craftsmanship and stays close to the creating process of its carefully handmade products.Her designs are inspired by the natural world and the human form using balance of colours,textures, material and lines to create bold and striking art pieces. 

WORK PROCESS                          


-Commission & Procurement



-Accessories and design elements

-Art and design solutions 

-Commissioned artworks 

-Digital art


-Floor and wall sculptures

-Decorative objects

-Public art sculptures

-Wall and ceiling installations

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