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Dubai-based artist and designer Lourdy Ghorayeb depicts moments, people and their identities. She draws her artwork by putting the pen on paper and not taking it off until the piece is finished. Focusing on the very essence of things, she represents the way she sees the world in a single line through her platform Inky Ways.


Lourdy Ghorayeb comes from a Lebanese background. She received her BFA degree in Interior Design at the American University in Dubai . She now joined the field of art consultancy and continues to work on her passion for art, design and fashion in parallel.

 “One line art is some kind of therapy to me. It brings me focus; I love the idea of putting the pen on paper and letting my hand do whatever it likes freely, it’s like drawing the shapes of my thoughts and feelings. I really believe that there is a connection between our body, people, places and vibes that surrounds us. We surround ourselves with things we love. Things that touch and inspire us by their beauty or that capture memories of people and moments we treasure. Therefore, I wake up everyday with a mission to capture and deconstruct people and moments through one continuous line."

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